San Martin Peras

San Martin Peras
Two women approach a long line of people waiting to receive government funding in San Martin Peras, Oaxaca.

"There's no one here anymore"

"There's no one here anymore"
Bernardino Salvador Hernandez sits near the plaza in San Martin Peras. His son and four grandchildren live in Salinas, California.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mexico City days

After three productive days in Mexico City, I am headed by bus to Oaxaca on Wednesday morning. I have had a remarkable experience here so far, staying in a beautiful historic area called Coyoacan and meeting a number of excellent foreign correspondents and Mexican journalists. So far, consensus on the Oaxaca story: less space, time and the diminishing number of correspondents in Mexico City mean fewer in-depth investigative pieces that delve deep into these kinds of immigration stories. As longtime San Diego Union Tribune correspondent S. Lynne Walker pointed out, the goal for writers covering immigration is not more of what she called “sob sister” stories, but a new twist on a big story that is just not going away.

There hasn’t been much time for sight-seeing, but I did visit the massive Mexico City cathedral, the oldest and largest in Latin America. On Sunday, women wove palm leaves into crosses outside the cathedral and people lined up for blessings by bare-chested healers in the z√≥calo nearby. Today, I stopped in at the Museo Frida Kahlo, the famous blue house where the artist lived and worked in Coyoacan, which features very little of her own art but a good view into her daily life.


Taylor Buley said...

I'm so jealous! Keep up the good work, and keep up this log -- so the rest of us can live vicariously through your travels.

M&M said...

We are living vicariously reading and enjoying your blogs--can't wait for future bloggings!!! Did you buy the Immodium???!! M&M